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We make decisions on the kind of life we want to live everyday.

Those decisions become habits. Create healthy habits today for a healthy mind and body tomorrow.

Learn tips to make better choices, live more sustainably, and make a difference in your health future and the health of our communities, country, and planet.

eco friendly garden

Grow Sustainably with These 7 Eco Garden Systems

healthy foods to buy

Sustainable Food Brands You Need to Know About

sustainable groceries on amazon

How to Find Healthy and Sustainable Groceries on Amazon



Find the best tips and ideas you need to eat well so you can live better.

Promote health, prevent disease, ease autoimmune symptoms, and stop chronic illness dead in its tracks with a nutrient-dense diet.

healthy foods to buy

Sustainable Food Brands You Need to Know About

sustainable groceries on amazon

How to Find Healthy and Sustainable Groceries on Amazon

probiotic foods

The Top 10 Vegan Probiotic Foods to Eat

immune boosting foods

Immune Boosting Foods: 9 Vital Foods for Immunity

Health begins within your environment

healing and wellness posts

Adopt a lifestyle that promotes health and protect yourself from the things that make us sick!

Discover tons of inspiration to help you change your life for the better! No matter where you are on your health journey, you will find some awesome inspiration below.

What happens when we don’t choose a more natural lifestyle? Find out how our genes respond to our environments here.

what is a naturalist

How to Become a Naturalist

So, what does it take to be a naturalist? Spending time outdoors is life-changing. Reconnect to nature with these insightful tips!
nature therapy

5 Reasons Nature Therapy Will Make You Want to Get Outside

Find out how nature therapy could be the best holistic approach to good mental health and overall wellness and learn how it can help you.

Autoimmunity Is On The Rise: Avoid These Triggers

Prevention is the best medicine, and autoimmunity occurs more often in people than ever before. Avoid these common triggers and take control.
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Fence Ideas for Vegetable Garden

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Garden?

How much does it cost to start a garden? Find out and learn how to create a budget-friendly and fruitful vegetable garden.
vegetable garden accessories

21 Vegetable Garden Accessories Every Gardener Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, having the right gear can make all the difference. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 25 must-have vegetable garden accessories.
food that grows on trees

Expand Your Garden with Food That Grows on Trees

Dive into the world of food that grows on trees! Discover the nutritional benefits, popular fruit and nut tree varieties, permaculture practices, and more. Embark on a delightful culinary journey and explore nature’s bountiful offerings.
Fence Ideas for Vegetable Garden

Beautiful Fence Ideas for Vegetable Gardens

A well-designed fence can elevate your vegetable garden to new heights, providing both aesthetic appeal and practicality. Explore a range of beautiful fence ideas, including small white fences, garden stake fences, and cottage fences, to create a stunning and protected space for your precious plants.
year round gardening in south

The Joy of Year-Round Gardening in the South

Learn the ins and outs of year-round gardening in the South and transform your outdoor space into a living oasis of abundance.

How to Pick the Perfect Vegetable Garden Planters

Discover the ultimate guide to selecting planters for growing your own veggies! From choosing the right size and material to preventing pests, this blog post covers everything you need to know. Unlock the secrets of successful vegetable container gardening and bring home a bountiful harvest!
how to use compost for garden soil

How to Use Compost for Healthy Plants

Enhance your garden by using compost in your soil. Learn how to use compost in the garden for healthy plants.
ways to Grow Food for Free

6 Creative Ways to Grow Food for Free

Want to grow your own food without breaking the bank? Check out these six ways to grow food for free or at a low cost.

The Best Insecticide for a Thriving Vegetable Garden

Are pesky insects and animals wreaking havoc on your vegetable garden? Don’t fret, there’s a solution! In this post, we’ll explore the best insecticides for a thriving vegetable garden.
Heirloom Sunflower Seeds

100 Amazing Heirloom Sunflower Seeds

We have put together a shopping list for heirloom sunflower seeds! It’s time to add some color to your garden with gorgeous open-pollinated sunflowers.
Where to Buy Perennial Vegetable Seeds

Where to Buy Perennial Vegetable Seeds

Are you interested in growing food year round? Learn all about perennial foods and where to buy perennial vegetable seeds in this article.
perennial food garden design

Perennial Food Garden Design: A Growing Guide

Learn about permaculture and make your own perennial food garden design with these regenerative gardening tips.
indoor herb garden ideas

10 Great Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Herbs are full of antioxidants and nutrients. Check out these great indoor herb garden ideas and start growing healthy foods yourself!

You Need These Best Fertilizers for Vegetable Gardens

In order to up your garden game, you need to focus on building healthy soil. Here are the best fertilizers for your vegetable gardens.
1 4 vegetable garden layout

Design a ¼ Acre Vegetable Garden Food Paradise

You can grow vegetables in the smallest of backyards. This guide will help you plan a 1/4 acre vegetable garden layout.
eco friendly garden

Grow Sustainably with These 7 Eco Garden Systems

Are you gardening eco-friendly? Learn about the important benefits of eco garden systems in your vegetable garden and homestead in this helpful article.
kitchen sink garden window

Our Favorite Kitchen Garden Window Ideas for Every Home

We have put together a list of the cutest and most efficient kitchen garden window ideas so you can grow some of your own food at home!
best fertilizers for vegetable gardens

The Best Organic Compost for Vegetable Gardens

Find the best organic compost for your vegetable gardens in this helpful article.
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