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Q. When I add an item to my cart and go to pay, there is nothing in the cart.

A. Login or create an account, and then you can view/add items to your cart.

Q. Why do you need my address for free downloads?

A. Your address is required for billing, but a credit card is not required. Free items are transactional, and this is how the system is set up to process your order.

Q. How will I receive my digital download purchase?

A. Upon completing your purchase you will be immediately provided a download link to your product(s). You will also be emailed an invoice that contains a link to your download(s). If you don’t receive your downloads, wait 15 minutes. You may also want to check your email spam folder. If you still haven’t received your purchase, please email tara@thefloreshouse.com.

Q. Do my download links expire?

A. Any purchased digital downloads with the exception of ebooks can be downloaded infinitely from your account.

Sustainable Living

Simple changes make a BIG difference.

healthy products non toxic
Don’t Buy Toxic Brands! Switch to These Healthy Products Instead
Stop buying the same old brands out of habit if they are full of harmful toxins! This list of clean and healthy products is all you need.


Growing your own food can put you on the path to health and longevity. Not to mention, it is good for the environment!


We now know that genes determine how bodies function, and those expressions are affected by the environment- most importantly the foods that we eat. Learning more and being proactive about what we put into our bodies is the most important path to healing and prevention.

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