master shopping list grocery list template
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The Ultimate Free Master Grocery List Template

Download this free printable grocery template and create a master shopping list to free up headspace, save time, reduce waste, and simplify your life!

master shopping list grocery list template

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If you want to simplify your grocery shopping, improve your strategies for sustainable living, and save more money, you have to create your Master Shopping List with this free grocery list template! This go-to grocery list is an excellent tool to help you accomplish many goals and make you love grocery shopping again. Start here to create a personalized list that will keep you focused and minimize the time you spend worrying about shopping.

This post is all about creating a custom Master Shopping List with our free grocery list template.

free master shopping list

Create Your Own Master Shopping List with this Free Template!

Our Free Printable Grocery List

No matter what journey you are on, whether it be creating a budget or practicing a sustainable lifestyle, this free master grocery list will help you free up time and energy and make you love grocery shopping once again!

Once this is complete, you will spend so much less time list-making!

This has been a budget saver. It eliminates the need to sit down and take time to create a list each week.

It is an amazing trick to help you stick to using a list on all shopping trips, which helps you stick to your (budget, weight-loss, reducing food waste and garbage) goals!

Lists are so important for those of us inspired to stick to a budget, be mindful of what we bring into our homes, and reduce waste as much as possible.

Designing your Master Grocery Shopping List will make it easier to stick to your budget. You may even realize new ways to save money and simplify your life.

I swear-by these shopping totes from Amazon!! They are well-made and have held up, and believe me they have taken their fair-share of abuse! – Tara

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master shopping list grocery list template

A Master Grocery List Template:

Invest a Little Time Now to Save a LOT of Time Later with our Free Printables

Grab a pen and a this printable, and give yourself an hour of time to really think about all the things you will put on the list.

You’ll want to cover all the basics to make sure that I can go out and grab what is highlighted without making additional trips throughout the week because you forgot something.

Using the editable and printable grocery list takes much less brain work when preparing for the trip to the store.

For me, this is absolutely necessary. Like most people, I have a lot going on. This list is a great way to simplify things in order to give your full attention to more important things!

master shopping list grocery list template

Create Your Free Grocery List Template

This master shopping list template (pdf format) includes all the grocery items that you keep stocked on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

This is a customizable grocery checklist that provides different ways to help you manage your weekly budget while saving time and money!

The Master Shopping List Rules:

  1. Minimize, minimize, minimize! We are talking basics.
  2. How can you shop smarter? Think: reduce waste, reduce plastic trash, reduce time and reduce money spent!
  3. Organize it based on stores. List things by store, then by aisle. You can zoom through and get things done at lightning speed!
  4. Think beyond ordering bulk. Let’s try to see past the end of our noses, people! Buying larger quantities can be daunting for singles and smaller families, but it saves resources, money and shopping trips! Spend that money on something better, or better yet INVEST it.
  5. Finally, focus on nutrition. This means first on your list are WHOLE foods packed with nutrients. PRIORITIES!

A well-stocked kitchen will ensure that you have ingredients on hand to create a healthy meal at home instead of ordering take-out.

Get Your Ultimate Grocery List Printable!

Start in your pantry with flours, spices, oils and dried staples like rice and beans. You can use this time to assess what you need and what is unnecessary.

I love this cute organization binder! Perfect for household planning and printables like this one! – Tara

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Do you have unused, expired items? Maybe those are things that can be eliminated from your master list, or make a note to buy a smaller package of those items.

Taking inventory is a perfect time to get serious about your health goals. I recommend eliminating processed foods with the exception of a few like plant oils and some flours.

What do you use a lot of and always seem to run out of quickly? For me it is onion powder!

Consider buying in bulk to save money, plastic waste, and resources spent on logistics.

Bring a notebook and begin taking notes on what items you would like on your list. This is a perfect time to clean and reorganize your pantry as you go! Add to your list all the necessary staples you use to run your kitchen.

master shopping bulk grocery list template

This Free Printable Includes Bulk Shopping

Stay organized in your grocery shopping and buy food items in the amount that you will use up within 6 months.

Buying foods in bulk has many benefits:

  1. You will always have food available, so it is unlikely you will ever need to order take-out.
  2. Also, you can save resources such as shipping costs and all things associated with logistics and plastic waste and packaging that goes straight to landfill after it has served its short-lived purpose.
  3. SAVE MONEY! Now, that is a great idea. Since you are going to need food in the future, why not buy it in bigger quantities? Bulk shopping can save a lot of money. It really adds up. Just be sure not to overbuy. The last thing you want to do is create more waste because the food goes bad before you eat it.

Now, let’s move on to canned and packaged goods. I put things like nut butters, olives, vinegars and canned tomatoes on this list. It is helpful to list them in order you’d find at your favorite store.

Plus, this makes shopping a breeze!

nutrient-dense foods

Nutrient-Focused Master Shopping List

I would like to share with you one change that I made in my shopping habits that changed my life. I tend to go shopping every two weeks for fresh ingredients, and every 3-6 months for dry staples and household goods.

Use your budget by first buying only nutrient-dense whole foods, then you can use what is left of the budget on other things that you want.

Having a master shopping list template set up this way, keeps me focused on my goals of living the healthiest life possible and providing my family with the best quality food available.

I do reverse-meal planning. I have found this method to be the easiest for me, and it prevents food waste. Simply, I use all the ingredients on my master grocery list to create so many different meals, instead of the other way around.

Tip: Make a list of your favorite meals and the ingredients you need to make them.

This will help you narrow down your list so that you don’t overspend and have food that goes to waste.

Over the course of a few months, you will be able to perfect your own list, and by then you will likely have it memorized!

best products list

Add Household and Pet Items to the Master Shopping List

Now, think of all the things we need to keep the household running. Lightbulbs, air and water filters, kitty litter, toothpaste are all things to consider for your list.

Here is a list of things not to forget:

  • toilet paper
  • laundry detergent
  • dishwasher detergent
  • cleaning products
  • shampoo, soap, conditioner
  • contact solution
  • personal care items
  • dog food & treats
  • batteries
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • first aid/OTC and prescriptions

This post was all about creating a custom Master Shopping List with our free grocery list template.

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