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Free Garden Planner for Planting Perfection

Design your best garden yet with this free garden planner! Build a diverse, healthy garden ecosystem with polyculture and companion plants.


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Planning your garden can be hard work! Luckily, there are plenty of companion plants that can help you grow healthier and more productive plants in your garden. A companion plant is one that helps another grow better by repelling pests, protecting from harsh weather conditions, attracting helpful insects, or improving the soil. Companion planting has been used in farming around the world since ancient times, and today you can use them to make your garden even more bountiful! This free garden planner will help you design a productive and sustainable garden ecosystem.

Here is an easy-to-use free garden planner for planting a sustainable garden with polyculture planting.

free garden planner

Get this free garden planner to help you create a diverse garden ecosystem!

free garden planner

Design an Ecosystem with This Free Garden Planner for Companion Planting

What Are Companion Plants?

Companion plants, also known as companion crops and intercropping, are plant combinations used in gardening for beneficial interactions between species. One of these interactions is that one plant may attract insects to a different plant for pollination, or something similar.

This can save on insecticides and increase productivity. Also called the polyculture method, companion planting is a way to maximize space in the garden with multiple species of plants. This garden style keeps weeds out and nutrients in, for your best garden yet!

free garden planner

How Can You Use The Free Garden Planner?

This free garden planner is a quick go-to guide for choosing plants for the garden layout. Companion planting is a great way to keep pests away from vulnerable plants, save water and money on fertilizer, and maximize crop yields.

Some people also use companion planting as part of permaculture systems that employ complex interactions between multiple species—plants, animals, fungi, bacteria—to create a self-sustaining landscape.

And that’s just scratching at the surface of companion planting! The first step to creating a sustainable garden is to experiment with companion planting and their potential benefits. This free garden design guide will help with your garden layout plans

The Ultimate Garden Companion Planting Guide is a 10-page PDF with Bonus Garden Layout Planning Sheets.

What Comes In the Free Garden Printables:

  • Learn the family names of common garden plants
  • Ideas of types of plants that go well together
  • No nonsense, straight to the point, and PRINTABLE!
  • Laminate one and put it in the garden shed or greenhouse!
  • List of rules to go by.
  • Also a mock-up of TFH garden layout, and garden planner templates for you to use to plan your polyculture garden!
  • Use this garden planner printable with the polyculture gardening method for creating a sustainable food system at home, on the farm, or in your market garden.

How do I keep my garden planning organized? Well, I write everything down– When, what, and WHERE I plant things! I keep my printables in this cute binder. You can find it on Amazon!

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free garden planner

Here is a really COOL idea for organizing seeds! Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments!

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Tips For Success With Companion Plants

Companion planting (also known as interplanting) is a beneficial gardening technique for people who want to grow their own food, but don’t have a large yard or garden.

Gardening with sustainability and nature in mind helps you maximize growing space and minimize maintenance.

The basic idea behind companion planting is that different types of plants can benefit each other by providing a habitat for beneficial insects, repelling harmful pests, attracting pollinators, and deterring weeds.

free garden planner

Get the Free Garden Planner Today!

This free garden planner is a tool that helps gardeners design and plan their dream garden quickly and effortlessly. With the printable PDF, you will be able to more effectively plan out which plants will go together in your garden beds.

Spend less time researching and more time planting an amazing garden!

Grab the PDF for FREE!

Enjoy this Free Garden Planner for a Sustainable Garden Design!

Are you on a self-sufficient journey?

Have you checked these essential gardening components off the list, yet? I would love to hear how it is going! Let me know about how gardening for self-sufficiency is working for you and your tribe by commenting below.

Improve your gardening skills, learn new ones, and find the best gardening inspiration!

Gardening is a great way to become healthier, more sustainable, and self-sufficient!

Discover amazing ideas you cannot live without! Whether you are an aspiring gardener, a beginner, or well-seasoned, you will find some awesome inspiration below.

Just how important is learning how to grow your own food? Read why Staying healthy depends on whether we take steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle or not.

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